Friday, March 6, 2015

Waukesha Attorney for Criminal Defense: When Cops Plant Drug Evidence

It’s distressing enough to be arrested and made to spend time in jail over drug possession charges, and even more so if a person is completely innocent of them. recently published an interview with a law enforcement officer from Florida (whose identity was withheld), who confessed to planting drug evidence and fabricating drug charges to arrest innocent people. The practice, also called flaking, is a form of police corruption rampant nationwide and is considered a consequence of drug wars. Police are pressured to make large numbers of arrests every day, and risk losing their living if they fail to meet the arrest quota. In fact, a article, citing The Voice, reports tape evidence revealing how superiors threaten street cops if they don’t make adequate stop-and-frisk arrests. An ex-NYPD policeman also testified that he’s observed undercover personnel and investigators do this illegal practice as well.

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